Cigarette packs
Cigarette packs, which were in the Soviet Union during the "Iron Curtain" and "Cold War." And who among us has not collected a pack? Some even smok ... [open]
Car models from the USSR
Model cars and other vehicles made ​​in scale. [open]
Cassettes and vinyl
Cassette + bike = happiness teenager in the USSR, especially if the cassette was foreign production. Although this was a very great rarity in Sovie ... [open]
Motobikes and the girls
Beautifully painted girl on a background of motorcycles. I did not know what category to put this collection. I think that you will not look at mot ... [open]
Audio cassette players
When there was no mp3 [open]
In the Toy Museum of the USSR
Hard to believe, but there is light at the place which can bring back to my childhood, and not just in childhood, and childhood toys USSR countries ... [open]