The end of the Soviet era in Germany
In the mid-90s the last Soviet troops left Germany to signal the beginning of the end of the Cold War. [open]
Microsoft Windows 95
The first full-fledged operating system, unlike previous versions, which is a program run on DOS. [open]
History of information carriers
Now there are few who remember how humanity has come to a flash drive. This article is a small excursion into the past media. [open]
Cassettes from Japan
Incredibly hard to get a cassette Japanese production in the USSR, and can not say how much they cost. [open]
Posters and slogans USSR
On the houses in hands on demonstrations in the plenary on the streets - as now billboards were everywhere slogans and appeals. [open]
School eyes of artists USSR
Ideology in the USSR was set very high. Do not pass it and the arts. [open]