Buyers and sellers of the USSR
Goods, services, shopping, food, beer, shoes, milk, line the shelves - in short everything you could regard to trade in the USSR. [open]
Microsoft Windows 98
Practically the first system that actually worked as intended to work the operating system. [open]
Celebrities in childhood
Photos from family albums of famous people. Childhood photos of celebrities. [open]
Calculatros USSR
In the Soviet Union to refer to compact computing device using the term "microcalculator", first used in 1973 for the calculator "Elektronika B3-04 ... [open]
The end of the Soviet era in Germany
In the mid-90s the last Soviet troops left Germany to signal the beginning of the end of the Cold War. [open]
Khabarovsk at 7 am
Going to work in the morning could not make a couple of photos on a mobile phone. Khabarovsk - a beautiful city! This is especially felt in the mor ... [open]