Attractions USSR
Parks in the service of resting people [open]
Bulgaria as the 16th republic of the USSR
In the USSR, Brezhnev period rumor that Bulgaria begged the Union 16th republic, but she refused - they say that there is no common border and all ... [open]
Khabarovsk at 7 am
Going to work in the morning could not make a couple of photos on a mobile phone. Khabarovsk - a beautiful city! This is especially felt in the mor ... [open]
Khabarovsk from height
One from the Russian Far East. Khabarovsk bird's-eye view. Filmed from a helicopter in 2007 .. [open]
Moscow 30-ies of the 20th century
Moscow Photos 30-ies of XX century. People, houses, roads, transport, shops, children. [open]
The end of the Soviet era in Germany
In the mid-90s the last Soviet troops left Germany to signal the beginning of the end of the Cold War. [open]
Travel USSR '75
In 1975, French scientist Jacques Dyupake made ​​his third trip to the USSR, this time having passed the whole country on the Trans-Siberian. In me ... [open]
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