Alcoholic labels USSR
Labels with bottles of alcohol products released in the USSR [open]
Born in the USSR
If you come from the 90s, you should understand this sentence: "Come out of the internet, I need a phone". [open]
Car models from the USSR
Model cars and other vehicles made ​​in scale. [open]
Children's World store in the USSR
Shop "Children's World" was opened in 1957 in the center of Moscow. For many years he was the biggest baby shop in the USSR. In the "Children's Wor ... [open]
Christmas toys from the USSR
Toys and decorations for the Christmas tree and not only born in the USSR. [open]
Cigarette packs
Cigarette packs, which were in the Soviet Union during the "Iron Curtain" and "Cold War." And who among us has not collected a pack? Some even smok ... [open]
Draw children
Children's drawings with comments adults. The author is not known, but it would be nice to see a sequel. For simple plots of children's drawings li ... [open]
Entertaining puzzles
In the USSR, there were a lot of toys, puzzles and magazines printed various tasks and tests. Currently, the biggest puzzle - Unified State Examina ... [open]
Fabrics USSR
It's not just pictures of fabrics, this fabric from the USSR 20-30-ies. All Councils in the country was set up to record and celebrating them. Inci ... [open]
Games of the USSR
Board games and designers from the bright time when there was no video attachments, and all the free time did not pick up the internet. [open]
In the Toy Museum of the USSR
Hard to believe, but there is light at the place which can bring back to my childhood, and not just in childhood, and childhood toys USSR countries ... [open]
Labels USSR
Many gathered in the USSR (a collector) labels. After all, it's an art, in such a small area to place the maximum number of campaign information. [open]